6 Jul

Last weekend, Mike, his cousin Brett, and I went to Palmyra. I have never been so excited to ride in a car in all my life. There is something magical about sitting in a car and being able to drive wherever you want after using only public transportation for any amount of time. It took about 5 hours to get to Palmyra from the city and it was absolutely beautiful. Everything was so green and lush and we could actually see the sky for the first time in 2 months.


buy Nexium While in Palmyra, we were able to walk through the Joseph Smith, Sr. log home and frame home. The log home was the first house they lived in while in Palmyra. This is the house where Moroni first appeared to Joseph. It was unbelievable to see the size of the room and beds that Joseph was in with 5 other brothers when Moroni appeared to him; sooooo small. The family lived in the frame home by the time Joseph was able to take the plates home.


The Sacred Grove was definitely the best part of Palmyra. I can’t really explain the feeling there; it’s something that everyone needs to experience. It’s overwhelming.

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It was cool to walk up the Hill Cumorah. There is a memorial at the top of the hill and a little landing down the hill a little bit where Joseph found the plates. There is really no way to express how cool it was to be in Palmyra where such momentous events occurred. It was absolutely amazing.


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For more information, the invitation to call me on my cellular device is still open, as I feel a little weird to essentially bear my testimony on the world wide web. J  

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