New Friends

11 Sep

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I have been keeping this a secret for a long time, but I think the time has come to let the world know. There are lots of rats in New York City. I know what you are thinking, “Wow, this is brand new information!” It was a shock for me, too.  Especially when you see one of them scurrying across your kitchen counter. Which is also the point at which you make the conscious decision not to make sandwiches directly on the counter.

The building where I worked was also known for its infestation of the little vermin. It was interesting to see that few people would flinch when the fire alarm would go off, but a whole floor could be instantly vacant at the site of a mouse.

One such occasion was when our intern group was meeting to do our final run-throughs the night before our presentation. I had just finished my totally sweet part of the presentation and was leaning against the wall. I was feeling calm and confident and ready for anything. Just then, I was caught off guard by a certain someone who had not invited to the meeting.

I looked down to see one of our little mouse friends run right in front of my feet. Without saying a word, I began to run, but I was moving in slow motion. Despite my lack of verbal warning, everyone knew what was going on; screaming and yelling commenced. As I ran out of the room, I saw one of our advisors, Stacey, bolt out the door before me. One of the guy interns jumped into the lap of the remaining advisor, Ralph, while the rest of the interns made it to safety by jumping onto tables and chairs.

I finally made it out the door. Far from the chaos of the conference room, Stacey and I panted and laughed in the hall. We walked back into the room to find interns slowly and cautiously returning to the ground from the safety of tables and chairs.

Don’t think for a second that this was the only visit we got from our mouse. However, the second visit did not elicit the kind of the reaction the first one did.  Instead of running and screaming and jumping into grown men’s laps, the guys actually acted like guys and not scared little girls.
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