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28 Jun

A couple weekends ago was our Philadelphia excursion. We spent only Saturday there because who wants to pay for a hotel? Not I. And it is only a two hour drive, so it wasn’t too bad.


So Philly was cool. It had a totally different feeling than Boston, which was a little disappointing. The comparison I have come up with for Boston and Philadelphia is that Boston felt like the Church owned parts of Nauvoo and Philadelphia felt like the Church of Christ owned parts. Everything just felt dirty and cheaper in Philadelphia. I will say that my opinion could be distorted because of how hot it was in Philadelphia that day. There is no way I could be totally happy in such weather.


There were a lot of really cool things in Philadelphia. Philly cheese steak is pretty delicious – something I have been avoiding for most of life. At the risk of sounding like Rob, steak and cheese should not be that close together, but it was so so good. Let this be a lesson to you, Rob.


After we had our Philly cheese steaks we were trying to decide what we wanted to do. Some wanted to go shopping, but the rest of us responded with “There are better things to see in Philly.” We proceeded to go back to the visitor’s center to watch a video and then do something totally awesome. About 5 minutes into the movie, we (Mike, Eric, and I) were asleep. We were sitting on the front row bench and woke up as the credits rolled. We knew we had to figure out what we were going to do quick, otherwise we were going to be stuck in the theater all day. The next thing we knew we were sprawled across the front row of the theater, totally asleep for the next hour. Eric thought it was a little too hot, so his nap took place in a window sill. So we pretty much looked like first-day bums – you know, because we weren’t dirty yet. Yep, there are better things to see in Philadelphia. J order Baclofen online           


We accidentally went to Philly on Flag Day, which was really cool because that is where Betsy Ross’ house is. There were all kinds of flags displayed and it was cool to see all of the different variations. Just to give you an example of how everything in Philadelphia felt cheap, for some reason there was a carousel horse and a putting green in front of Betsy Ross’ house. Why would that ever be there? Maybe golf and carousel riding were her other passions outside of flag making.

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Also, if you think you can see Benjamin Franklin’s grave for free, you are dead wrong. Sure $2 wasn’t going to break the bank, but it was going to break my will to go into the cemetery to take a picture. Could’ve sworn this was a free country!


Speaking of freedom, we saw the Liberty Bell. It was full of all kinds of liberty. Actually, it was really nice because it was in an air conditioned building. That can make any bell 10X better.


Independence hall was the best part of the trip. Also air conditioned. That can make any hall 10X better. It was super cool to see the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and the room where the Declaration of Independence was signed. I really don’t know how they met in that place with no air conditioning and with all kinds of layers of clothing. Did it really have to be signed in the middle of the summer? Come on! But would we really want to have parades and fireworks in the winter? I think not. Thank you, forefathers, for thinking ahead. order disulfiram