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New Friends

11 Sep

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I have been keeping this a secret for a long time, but I think the time has come to let the world know. There are lots of rats in New York City. I know what you are thinking, “Wow, this is brand new information!” It was a shock for me, too.  Especially when you see one of them scurrying across your kitchen counter. Which is also the point at which you make the conscious decision not to make sandwiches directly on the counter.

The building where I worked was also known for its infestation of the little vermin. It was interesting to see that few people would flinch when the fire alarm would go off, but a whole floor could be instantly vacant at the site of a mouse.

One such occasion was when our intern group was meeting to do our final run-throughs the night before our presentation. I had just finished my totally sweet part of the presentation and was leaning against the wall. I was feeling calm and confident and ready for anything. Just then, I was caught off guard by a certain someone who had not invited to the meeting.

I looked down to see one of our little mouse friends run right in front of my feet. Without saying a word, I began to run, but I was moving in slow motion. Despite my lack of verbal warning, everyone knew what was going on; screaming and yelling commenced. As I ran out of the room, I saw one of our advisors, Stacey, bolt out the door before me. One of the guy interns jumped into the lap of the remaining advisor, Ralph, while the rest of the interns made it to safety by jumping onto tables and chairs.

I finally made it out the door. Far from the chaos of the conference room, Stacey and I panted and laughed in the hall. We walked back into the room to find interns slowly and cautiously returning to the ground from the safety of tables and chairs.

Don’t think for a second that this was the only visit we got from our mouse. However, the second visit did not elicit the kind of the reaction the first one did.  Instead of running and screaming and jumping into grown men’s laps, the guys actually acted like guys and not scared little girls.
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I’m Not Cryin’

13 Aug

Cheap Albendazole Natrexone Buy Friday was the last day of my internship. Reports were finished, sushi was eaten, my desk was cleaned, mugs were taken, and tears were shed. I walked through the city and rode with subway with sunglasses on to hide the evidence. We’ll see what self-control I can muster when it’s time to say goodbye to New York…..


P.S. I hope some of you caught my reference in the title.

Six Flags: Great Adventure

28 Jun

Friday, June 13th, was our mandatory work party at Six Flags: Great Adventure. I know what you are thinking, “Care, do you really ever work?” And the answer is yes. I have decided that media people get tons of presents and things like days at Six Flags because media is not that cool. I know there are aspects that are really cool, but I think most people get stuck in the not-cool stuff.

Anyway, Six Flags was super fun. It was weird to see work people outside of work. It was most surprising to see how early people start drinking when they have the opportunity. Actually, my favorite line of the day took place during lunch when some of the people we were with decided to get some drinks around lunch time: Guy whose name I have forgotten, “Do you guys want to get a beer?” Me, “No, that’s ok.” My boss, “You don’t drink, right?” Me, “Right.” Guy whose name I don’t remember, “Oh, well I think they serve wine.” Is this the caliber of people I am working with? I just want to know his rationale behind this statement. Anyway, I thought the exchange was pretty funny.

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So I have decided that Six Flags is pretty much the same everywhere. I will say that the New Jersey one got extra points because it was cleaner and you didn’t have to walk up mountains to get to rides. They did have the craziest ride I have ever seen in my life called Kingda Ka. The ride is about 20 seconds long and it is a lot like Magic Mountain’s Superman except that instead of going down back-first, you turn around at the top and go straight down face-first. I have never been so scared to ride a roller coaster in my life. I kept thinking about how Jessi would react to the sight of Kingda Ka, at which point I would laugh and laugh. cheap Propranolol J purchase Clonidine

There was another version of Superman in New Jersey that was really cool because you were actually riding on your stomach. I didn’t know how they were going to pull it off, but it was really cool and so so fun. You sit in the roller coaster like normal but then, opposite of what happens on X, you are tilted forward so you are looking at the ground. There is extra padding on the ride, too, so your chest isn’t smooshed against the bars, so it is totally comfortable. I was in my superman stance the whole ride – one hand ahead with the other fist on my waist – until I couldn’t hold it anymore, which is the precise moment that the picture was taken. What a joke!

Harlem’s Apollo Theater

16 Jun

Every Wednesday at the world famous Apollo Theater is Amateur Night. Here are some of the greats Amateur Night winners: Mary J. Blige, Brandy, P Diddy, Busta Rhymes, Keith Sweat (yep), Fugees, among many others. I promise we did not see anyone of this caliber the night we went.

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Being in the heart of Harlem, you could say our group of white BYU students was in the minority. And you better believe there were a lot of jokes at our expense, but they were funny, so it was ok.


Amateur Night is pretty much American Idol on a much smaller scale. The best part is that while the people are performing, the audience gets to decide who stays and who is kicked off the stage by The Executioner – who is just a crazy tap-dancing guy who pushes people off stage when the boos are loud enough. I know it sounds horrible what with all of the booing and an executioner, but it is really one of the funnest (I know, not a word) things I have done here. But it goes both ways; if you like someone, you cheer really loud and then if you don’t like someone, you boo. And let me tell you, it gets pretty wild in there. There were big booing and cheering battles that I was sure would end in bloodshed, but we all came out unscathed, just about 10% blacker. J


The best part was when they started calling random people up to participate in their Soul Train dance off.  For those of you who know Billy, you know that he will volunteer for anything, no matter what. So of course he found his way to the Apollo stage. I don’t think the people in Harlem have seen anything so white in their lives. Billy proceeded to do his signature break dancing and standing-worm move and it was pure genius! The host was so impressed by such unknown moves that he tried to do them himself, only to find that only a pure-bread white boy could move that way. And I am proud to announce that Billy was in the top three. It was really one of the best things I have ever seen in my life and now he can say that he danced on the world famous Apollo stage.


In conclusion, if any of you are in New York, you must go to the Apollo for Amateur Night (7:30 Wednesdays). It will change your life.

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