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GraphicRiver: Like Having Your Own Designer

10 Mar

… for about $10.

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I feel like I need to give a shout-out to fluconazole without prescription GraphicRiver. It’s totally fantastic. I used it a couple months ago on a project and it totally saved my life and made me look really good.

Me and my partner in this crazy adventure need to get marketing materials – business cards, letter heads, envelopes, folders, sales slicks, CD labels, yada yada yada – ready for a new company super fast. Neither of us are designers nor did we want to pay for a designer to do what we knew would take them two seconds.

This is when GraphicRiver saves lives. They have tons of different designers submit designs for personal and corporate branding materials. You just choose the template you like, pay a few dollars for the Creative Suite files and PDFs and they’re all yours. One thing, you do need to have at least basic knowledge of Creative Suite to be able to personalize the templates. If you don’t know anything about CS, you can use all the internets to find some tutorials.

With our project, we actually used templates from two different designers. One was fantastic to work with. The other template was in weird formats and it took me forever to figure out layers and junk. But, again, it was better than me trying to design it myself.

This is what I suggest for non-designers either marketing themselves or a start-up: get a real designer to put your logo together. If you don’t know a designer, use an online service like Logoworks how to buy Plan B or 99 Designs to create your logo. Once you have a logo, color scheme, and fonts, find a GraphicRiver template package that works with the brand you’re going for and make the appropriate changes. Done.

Dear MySpace

18 Oct

Old Myspace Logo:

New Myspace Logo:

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Dear MySpace,

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I’d almost forgotten all about you. But now you’ve snuck back onto the radar with a “new logo” stunt. Are you trying to be Gap? “I have a great plan. Let’s make a really crappy logo and see how much everyone freaks out and then we’ll know they love us.” Well played, Gap. But here’s my concern, Myspace: people don’t like you as much as they like Gap. There it is; I said it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good rebranding effort as much as the next kid; I’m just not sure that this is a “good” effort. I have a rule that if my logo can be made in Word, it probably isn’t the best logo. I’m also having a hard time understanding the concept. I realize that I am supposed to translate “______” as “space” but all I’m seeing is “MyBlank.” Is that how I’m supposed to translate it? You can respond to my My______  account that’s been inactive for about 3 years. Thanks!



Dear Gap

7 Oct

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Dear Gap,

I’ve noticed you have a new logo. What gives? You’ve had such great branding for as long as I can remember. It was beautifully simple; blue square and clean, white, serif text. Timeless.

I have a feeling your CEO, or his wife, got his hands on Illustrator, learned about gradients and went nuts. “How cute, this font makes the G look like a loopy arrow. And make it black just cuz. Perfect!”

Well, Gap, I’m sure you’ll survive this mishap. But I also hope you go back to the old logo as quickly as possible.



P.S. Make your pants longer. They never fit me.

Don’t You Forget About Me

28 Jul

For those of you who want to take part in my marketing Nolvadex online /advertising job search, I thought I’d share my cover letter with all three of you. I hope it’s post worthy:

The Breakfast ClubImage via Wikipedia

The 80’s invented the teeny-bopper movie and, I might add, perfected it. While I was only alive for the end of 80’s and didn’t get to live it up frizz-style, Saturday afternoon 80’s movies have taught me a lot about the world and, more importantly, myself. Here are the essential characters for a good teeny-bopper movie and how they relate to me:

The Jock – They’re confident, talented, experienced and have everything figured out.

Sure I am still a rookie but unlike most graduates, I am a 3 year starter. I worked as an Assistant Brand Manager for a year at Net Marketing Alliance, interned at MindShare International in New York, and am currently doing online buzz marketing for This is sure to make me the most popular kid in school.

The Outsider – Despite what everyone else thinks of them, they are comfortable with their uniqueness.

Everyone has some weird things about them and I am no exception. I think that’s what makes people interesting and makes collaboration successful. What is weird about me? Well…that will be a great question to ask during an interview 🙂

The Hot Girl – On the outside, she’s got it going on but she actually is kind of a mess.

While it may appear that I have everything under control, the current economy leaves me wanting …. for a job.

Cytotec no prescription The Brain – They’re logical and intelligent – so uncool – and know how to get what they want.

Most of the jobs I have had focus a lot on organizational skills, budgeting, and lots of excel spreadsheets. Despite how uncool it is, it’s something I know a lot about.

The Foreign Exchange Student – They don’t contribute to the plot at all but are great for comic relief.

I minored in Music.

So what do you say, wanna go steady?

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