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The Jeff Mills Experience Starring Cari Stewart

25 Sep

I’d like to introduce you to the new ONO Band, also know as The Jeff Mills Experience Starring Cari Stewart. You’ll notice our lead singer looks a lot different. It’s because it’s a whole different guy. You may know him from such hits as and other bands.

Without further ado, here’s is our latest performance. It went a little something like this:

“The Hardest Button to Button” by The White Stripes

“Hey Ya” by Obadiah Parker – I’m sorry, there’s quite Premarin Fast shipping a bit of awkward going on in this song. I shouldn’t have to tell you what the awkward is, it will be dancing in your face.

All These Things That I’ve Done by The Killers – Again, we didn’t get the beginning of this song. where can i buy Plavix So you miss Chris tickling the ivories (playing chords on plastic keyboard keys) and my little drum solo. I’ll just let you imagine how amazing it was.

P.S. Everything that happened at the end was generic Lithium totally intentional. We’d had enough of “being together” and “playing things correctly.” You understand.

Now Raise Your Goblet of Rock

11 Jun

It’s a generic Premarin toast to those who rock!

I know you guys have been waiting for this day for misoprostol no prescription a long time. And now the time has come … for you to see me drum. Before you judge, just remember I only had a few short months of lessons. 🙂

These videos are from our company barbecue we had Robaxin online in our parking lot. Not that more people didn’t want to hear us jam, we just decided to keep it exclusive …

Set List:
Seven Nation Army – White Stripes (that last minute is just company banter, so you can skip it if you’re only interested in being totally extreme)
Happy Day – Jeff Grover
The One On One Song – Jeff Grover