Unidentified Fluids

31 Jan

I’m in a very dangerous line of work. I work with paper. Yeah, you heard me right.

If you’re picturing horrendous paper cuts, you’re partly right but that’s not what keeps me up at night. While, I must admit, I’ve had some pretty good ones; some “more fatal than others.”

But what I’d really like to address is the unidentified fluids that stain many of the papers I handle daily. A little background: I work at a disability law firm where people send in their Social Security paperwork and we file their claims for them. So you have to understand that these people have some pretty serious diseases and I am handling their fluid-stained paperwork.

We often try to guess what fluid we’re dealing with. Coffee? Lemonade? Who knows? But today, there was no question. There were full on drops of blood on this paper. My first thoughts were, “What is wrong with this person, how is their condition transmitted and do I now have the hiv?”

But even more treacherous, a few weeks ago I was handling the papers as always; throwing them to and fro. When suddenly I passed one a little too close to my face and my mouth was open just enough. I totally licked the piece of paper. The freaking out commenced. So now when I tell you I have the hiv, you know of two different instances where I could have contracted it. And I just want to say, I love you all.

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