The Karma of Cheese and Rice

13 Jan

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I have this friend. Some of you will know exactly who I am referring to in just a moment. But on with the story. I was with this friend, Let’s call her Sally, at a ward function. Upon her leaving the ward function, another ward friend of mine, let’s say Stew, approached me about Sally:
Stew: “I think I went on a date with Sally.”
Me: “Oh, you would know if you went on a date with Sally. How did it go?”
Stew: “Well, there was only one date.”
Me: “Oh no.”
For those of you who know the true identity of Sally know that you are in for quite a story.
Me: “What happened?”
Stew: “The date was really low key. We had met to dance and we were just making up new dances and having a good time. Then out of nowhere she was like, ‘I don’t feel very good.’ ‘Oh no, are you sick?’ Then she said it just came out of nowhere. So I asked her if it might have been something she ate. ‘No, I don’t think so.’ So I asked her, ‘What did you eat?’ ‘I just had some cheese on rice.'”

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Upon the mention of ‘cheese and rice’ I knew there was no mistaking the girl he went on a date with. 

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Me: “Yes, you definitely went on a date with Sally.”
We paused for some laughing and then he continued his story:
Stew: “Then she said that she was going to go to the bathroom. So she left and came back a little bit later and informed me that she had thrown up. And that was the end of the date.”
So here’s what we’ve learned from Sally. You probably shouldn’t eat only cheese and rice, especially if you will be doing rigorous exercise or going on a date. But if you are still considering only eating cheese and rice after the rigorous exercise and date warning, you still shouldn’t eat it because it’s disgusting.

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